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How does Intuvo's date logic in Grid filters work?

Updated May 12, 2021

When adding a Date field to your filter logic in the Grid, there are several options for how the system can filter these dates.

The first two, blank/not blank are the simplest. A field like "Fund Date" can be filtered to "blank" to show only the loans that have not yet funded, or to "not blank" to show only the loans that have already funded. This is especially helpful if you do not have a Funded stage or status, or it if that stage or status field is not filled out consistently in your data.

Similarly, if you capture "Deceased Date," you can add "Deceased Date is blank" to your filters exclude your deceased members.

Selecting "greater than" a date will display all results after that date including the date selected. The selection above (Application Date greater than 01/01/2021) will return applications from 01/01/2021, 01/02/2021, 01/03/2021, and so on:

Selecting "less than" will display all results before that date not including the date selected. The selection "Application Date less than 01/01/2021" will return all applications from 12/31/2020, 12/30/2020, 12/29/2020, and so on:

Selecting "between" will give you two different date fields to choose to create a fixed date range. If the goal were to build a filter that shows all vehicle loan applications from the year 2020, you would select "From 01/01/2020 To 01/01/2021." Your results would include the date from your first selection (01/01/2020), but would not include the last date from your selection (01/01/2021).

Here are the results of that filter. The first available applications are 01/01/2020, and the last available applications are 12/31/2020 (one day prior to the last selected date of 01/01/2021):

And selecting "rolling within" gives you a moving (not fixed) date range. If the goal is to see all Applications from "the last 30 days" every time you look at the filter, you would create a filter that said "Application Date is rolling within..."

The first option asks you to calculate your Start Day as x days from today. To look back one month in time from today, you would tell the filter to go back "minus 30 from today" as your start day.

Then, the second field asks you to calculate your Range as x days from start day. To say "now look one month forward from my start day," you would tell the filter to look ahead "plus 30 days from start" as your Range.

This image was captured on 5/11/2021. Notice that the filter results show loan applications from 04/11/2021 (30 days ago) through 05/10/2021 (30 days after the start date). As time goes on, this 30-day window will move with the date. Looking at this very same filter on 5/25/2021 will show you applications from 04/25/2021 to 05/24/2021.

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