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Why didn't my email go out?

Updated Jun 17, 2019

Here are some tip for troubleshooting, why an email might not have been sent to your contact.  

There is almost always a reason regarding why a email didn't get deployed.  There are some things that might be too advanced for troubleshoot and you can always reach out to  If you do want to dive into the issue yourself and try troubleshooting it, here are some tips and tricks to doing that.  

How to troubleshoot under the Marketing tab:

  • One of the best tools to see if emails are or are not going out is looking at the Daily Marketing Preview.  In the daily marketing preview, you are able to view which emails are going out that day.  You can change the date range to see what emails have/will deploy in the past and future.  This is a great place to confirm if an email has or hasn't gone out to the contact.  
  • Under campaign management, there is a section called Marketing Tracks.  This is where we have your filter set up to help qualify your contacts for the campaign.  Look at the filter and see if that contact record meets all the requirements of the marketing track filter.  If they don't meet all the qualification then they won't be on the campaign.
  • Within the campaign, all of the events are either markets Draft or Published.  If the email is in the draft it will never be sent out to any contacts until it is changed to published.  
  • Within your campaign, on every event, you will find a section that says Frequency, Filter, and Recipient.  Frequency: This is the date range the email is able to be deployed.  Check and see if the date range matches with the date, if your range is 0 days before to 1 day after and we got the date 3 days too late, the email won't go out.  Filter: Similar to the marketing track, you want to look at the filter and see if that contact record meets all the requirements of the marketing track filter.  If they don't they won't get that specific email.   Recipient: Check and see if the correct recipient is set up.  If an email is supposed to go to the Owning user and it's set up to go to borrower 1, for example, that would cause the email not to go out.  

How to troubleshoot under the Contact Tab:

  • When looking to see if an email went out to the customer the best place to look is the Activity History.  The activity history tags a log of everything that the contact has received and any updates to the contact record.  Here you can check if a contact has gotten the email and interacted with the email.
  • Where you can find which emails are queued for the contact is under Campaign Preview.  
  • Check if the contact is on the campaign by looking at the left navigator under Campaign Info.  If they are not on the campaign, they would not get the email. 

How to troubleshoot under the Grid Tab:

  • Find the filter the email is supposed to be triggered off of, and search is the search bar for that contacts name.  If they don't show up, they don't qualify.  If you know they should qualify and don't show up, email

How to troubleshoot under the Data Tab:

  • The Import Queue is our data duplicate detection.  For example, if there is a contact named John Smith with an email address of with a birthday of 1/1/1990 and a contact named John Smith with an email address of with a birthday of 1/1/1990.  Our system doesn't know if these are the same person, and someone needs to manually decide should we make a new contact record or merge the two contacts together because they are the same.  If a contact is in unresolved imports, no marketing will be sent to them. 

How to troubleshoot under the Admin Tab: 

  • If a user who is the 'market from' is not Approved, the email will not go out until approved.  
  • If a user does not have an Email Address in their user profile, the email will not go out until added.  
  • Under Account Settings, the marketing active status needs to read "Mailing is currently active".  If your account is not turned on, it will not send any emails.  
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