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Understanding the Dashboard

The Dashboard is an exciting high-level overview of how the loans within your account are transacting. Where you see 'TBD'  refers to loans that are started but have not yet moved onward to be a complete application or do not have their required pieces to be completed. The calculations are for campaigns that take loans from TBD type to full application and full application to funded. By default dashboards, calculations will be a rolling 30 days. For Example: to calculate the TBD to Application ratio it would be all contacts assigned to a TBD type campaign in the last 30 days overall contacts that were at one point TBD type now transitioned to In Progress/Complete Application Status.

1. All Loans - by default this a count of all loans accessible by the user logged in.

2. Campaign Ratios - by default calculate the number of contacts that move between campaigns. Campaigns are categorized by 'Starting, In Progress, and Closing' this way you can see ratios pulling through different aspects of your process.

3. Average Loan Amount - by default reflects all loans accessible by the user logged in, and their average dashboard calculations can be altered! Contact your account manager or support@intuvo and your ratios can be altered to reflect specific needs.

4. Top Campaigns -  will show the first 5 campaigns your account is running on Auto-Market. It also provides stats on how many contacts are currently on the campaign, Contacts started on the campaign today, emails sent and emails opened.

5. Marketing in the last 7 Days - provides an overview broken out by marketing asset (postcard, text, task, letter or email) and how many are due to arrive each day.